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gotta see what it feels like...

9 August
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apparently i have been alive for 37 years. however since i have to be difficult it would be mentally 25, physically 27, and intellectually how ever old you need me to be, would be a much better representation.
I would like to say I am rather laid back, but I have come to the realization that is not reality. I am more high strung being stubborn and my rather large addictive personality.
For the most part I am pretty respectful of others. Though I am overly blunt and tell it like it is, at least from my percepective.
I am loyal to the end unless wronged, then my vindictive nature comes out and its game on.
Musically its all about the PoP life and the artist over the music a lot.
i have a huge spiritual connection with,

I also love musicaly, what she stands for, and how she presents herself.

I am much more into visual entertainment though. Will give any flick a chance.
Ok i hate these bio/about me write ups. I am an open book, need to know anything, just ask. ....
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